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1. Fight against existing corruption in nation and enactment against corruption, united meetings and public movements and to awaken public against corruption.
2. To stop exploitation of poor and diligent people of nation like getting less wages, forcing to work after duty timings, not providing a leave after declaration, using child labor, to imprison someone,etc.
3. To fight against methods like dowry system, exposure and show off of society.
4. To apply equal policies in nation such as: to stop sect element in nation, to provide justice in appropriate duration and to provide equal education.
5. To provide a chance of employment to unemployed people and to start campaign against Intemperance.
6. To encourage Industries and homemade industries and to open a centers of education, stitching and household industries.
7. To over the ditch between rich and poor people and to generate feeling of communion.
8. To ban all those government shops who are providing oil and other products in black, means to stop exploitation of consumer.
9. To start campaign against those who are breaking our nation on the basis of religion and caste.
10. To provide united strength

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and power to all categories and organization of nation.
11. To finish the poison of existing casting system in nation and grow love and emotion.
12. To help Widow, Insupportable, handicapped men and women by providing
the Subsidy and also by helping weak and old people of society by providing financial help to widows and girls for their marriage.
13. To encourage young generation for their nation.
14. To make soldiers memorial of nation and to honor soldiers, journalist, doctors and social workers.
15. To finish dowry system and to take action against those who are increasing these types of acts.
16. To over Oppression of cops and to take strict action against corrupted peoples and to struggle against Profiteer.
17. To relieve corrupt people and Squarable employees and give them strict punishment.
18. To form branches on different places for the development of nation province, territory, village and colonies.
19. To arrange swing machines, clothes, blankets and other financial help for widows and poor people.
20. To arrange education for poor children's from organization and also arrange something for their living.
21. Give special training to workers and time to time apostrophize famous social service administration by ideas of higher authorities.
22. To make strictness in judiciary, complain higher authorities against careless employees.
23. To provide justice through organization to all those people from all castes of nation who are getting exploited.
24. This is Interregnum organization in which all types of authorities and government employees can join and work as a social worker.
25. For the sake of public, fight with the government to solve the problems of the public.Read More….